Call for Members 2020

5 good reasons to be a SIB member

1 FREE participation in the SIB National Congress of Varese, 29-30 October 2020

2 FREE and AUTOMATIC registration to the ESBS - European Skull Base Society. The value of the annual membership to ESBS is € 30.00 for SIB Members; this amount will be paid to the European Company by the SIB, on behalf of the regular member in good standing with the annual fee

3 REDUCTION of the registration fee for events organized by ESBS

4 REDUCTION of the participation fee for dissection courses organized and/or sponsored by the SIB

5 FRUIBILITÀ di tutto il materiale didattico che i relatori vorranno mettere a disposizione (comprensivo di contenuti video intra-operatori e/o di dissezione), direttamente sul sito