The Italian Skull base Society - SIB is a multi-specialist scientific society whose aim is to promote the study and the therapeutic advances for the pathologies which affects the skull base.

SIB was founded in Bergamo, Italy,  in 1991, thanks to the initiative of a group of surgeons and experts in the field, who believed that a multidisciplinary approach may represent the best way to promote diagnostic and therapeutic progresses in the treatment of diseases that affect such a complex anatomical district.

The skull base, the anatomical structure that interfaces with the brain, the cervical spine and the maxillofacial region could be the site of multiple pathologies: tumoral, vascular, traumatic and malformative lesions. These anatomical and pathological peculiarities are the main reasons for the focus of interests and the meeting of different experts, including neurosurgeons, otolaryngologists, maxillofacial surgeons, neuro-radiologists and radiation oncologists.

The multidisciplinarity, the propensity for cooperation, dialogue between professionals with different experiences and training have always represented one of the main features of our Scientific Society.